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jamal's story

After four years of searching, Jamal finally received his first donor match and was able to undergo kidney transplant surgery on December 16th, 2020. At the time, doctors and nurses at NY Columbia Presbyterian Hospital believed the surgery to be a success and were encouraged by its outcome. However just mere days later, everything took a turn for the worse. The story you're about to read will shock you. When you have luck on your side and still the unimaginable happens...


Written by: Marina Pires

Heartstrings Trio: Luke Wygodny, Marina Pires,

Elias Wygodny

Featuring: Sam Quiggins (Cello)

& Nyssa Duchow (Violin)

Dancer /Storyteller: Jamal Shuriah

Director: Alanna Saunders

Recorded at CAW STUDIOS

did you know?


you can donate even if you aren't a match!

In the world of kidney transplants, there is an option for donors who do not currently match. If you want Jamal to receive a kidney, you can agree to donate yours to someone else with your donor match and he in turn gets a kidney from another donor. Two individuals get saved with kidneys at the same time!!


Click on the picture from Columbia Presbyterian Hospital's Kidney and Transplant Program for more information and to learn how you can become a donor!


save a life. donate a kidney today!

Photos of Jamal in the word Warrior



Your kidneys play a major role in your daily functioning. They filter toxic waste from your blood and it gets expelled when you urinate. Without a working kidney, your body cannot sustain itself long-term.


Other measures such as kidney dialysis must be performed to keep those with kidney disease alive. 

This is not the most ideal existence which is why most people register to have a kidney transplant. 

be an advocate

There are roughly 113,000 people currently waiting on the National Registry list for a donor. It can take anywhere from 4-7 years for someone who is on the donor list to receive a kidney whether it is by living donor or organ donor after a person has deceased.  

By talking to others and raising awareness, you can help spread the word about kidney health and play a major role in saving someone's life! 

become a donor

The most successful kidney transplants come from living donors though there are success rates for people who receive from an organ donor who has passed away.


There is a lot of systemic fear and anxiety for people who might be interested in donating. We understand that! You should know that if you are otherwise healthy, you can live a completely normal life with just one functioning kidney and the procedure itself is not as invasive as you might think.  The bigger picture is that you play the key role in saving a life!

1 kidney donation can help save up to 9 lives. You don't have to be an exact match to donate! There are many options nowadays for people wanting to help donate!!

Share his story

How can you help?


You can help by simply spreading his story to everyone you know. He wants to raise awareness of his disease and to help others not only understand what it is but what can be done to help!

You can find his story @findjamalakidney on social media!





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